Importance of Customer Satisfaction with Ronnie Teja, The Founder of Branzio Watches

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Ronnie Teja of Branzio Watches jumped onto the eCom Ops Podcast to share his knowledge and experience in Ecommerce and the importance of customer satisfaction. Check out all the other episodes of eCom Ops Podcast here.

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Ronnie’s journey into eCommerce

Ronnie began work as a digital marketing manager for HSBC Bank in Canada. During 2009-2010, he switched fields and entered the eCommerce business. At that time, eCommerce was a new technology, and banks found it difficult to trust and invest in the technology needed to encourage expansion in the field. In order to play a safe bet and improve their capital, banks were recruiting those who were either already in technical fields or were keen to learn.

During this period, Ronnie also got to learn more about eCommerce and ultimately found it interesting. For him, eCommerce helps in driving traffic when it comes to the retail sector.

Edge to eCommerce – Segment penetration of Branzio Watches 

Along with an online presence, the Branzio Watches are available in some retail stores in Canada, USA, UK, France, and Germany. However, the company faces the same generic problems associated with the market penetration for many smaller brands. According to Ronnie, the two most prominent of these problems are, lack of direct customer dealing and one-on-one interactions – the things that established retail players are able to do with ease.

Ronnie revealed that when it comes to providing his customers the best experience, he personally looks after customer service 24/7. In addition, team strategies help in acquiring constant experience, therefore; he himself leads as a front soldier for the motivation of his employees. 

Downturn moments of the company

One of the darker moments in the company’s history was when Ronnie’s PayPal account was banned by PayPal. At that time he had invested almost $75,000 and was waiting for the profit to continue the cycle – that didn’t happen. To overcome the sudden loss of capital, Ronnie had to borrow money from his acquaintances and gathered his savings to surge over.

Later, he approached PayPal for the restoration of his account. According to him, this step taken by PayPal was crucial, as it reduces the chances of a fraud. Ultimately, due to this cleansing take of paypal, authentic brands and entrepreneurs were able to step into eCommerce. 

Importance of automation for Branzio Watches

Although 25 teammates are working at Branzio Watches with a wide operation team, automation is incredibly significant to the company. The technology has taken control of everything, including the business analytics – from tracking profit and loss, supply and demand, to stocks and, even advertisement. 

Thanks to automation, it is now easy to control everything and to stay in touch with the customers and team, say Ronnie. The technology also helps in gaining direct feedback and reviews of customers, which matters a lot for Branzio Watches and their quest for customer satisfaction. 

It’s all about customer satisfaction

For the company, customer satisfaction matters a lot. Therefore, Ronnie himself stays at the forefront of the customer service and personally handles the feedback 24/7. According to him, it also inspires and motivates his team to further Branzio’s customer satisfaction legacy.

The future of Branzio Watches

Ronnie’s current aim is to hit $52 million in sales. However, the brand focuses on customer feedback and validation; therefore, any short-term losses does not matter as much for the brand. Ronnie mentions being in this business as his personal dream, which he carries for more than a decade now. 

Branzio isn’t a short term project with some lucky moments. But it is a properly mapped-out business idea that aims to one day head the industry. 

Ronnie’s biggest influences:

Ronnie has mainly learned from his mistakes but his most favorite books those have an influencer over his business and his personal success are:

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