How to Build Strategic Relationships and Partnerships in eCommerce, with Tomer Hen, CEO of MobCo Media

Tomer Hen, CEO of MobCo Media, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to share about building relationships and partnerships strategies, automation in eCommerce, and marketing and scaling up your eCommerce business

Key Facts

  • Tomer’s LinkedIn
  • Tomer is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, mentor, and public speaker
  • MobCo Media’s website
  • MobCo Media is a global advertising agency for mobile apps working with Fortune 500 brands and promising start-ups
  • Tomer founded the first mobile marketing school in Israel, teaching over 3,000 students how to build their online business as mobile marketing managers
  • Tomer wrote the article “How Entrepreneurs Can Embrace The Recession And Use It To Their Advantage,” which shows Strategies for business owners to take advantage of the recession

Key Takeaways

  • [ 00:13:00 ] Shopify is the easiest and most intuitive platform. You can plug many other add-ons and customize your store to reflect the brand’s voice and the sales funnels within your shop
  • [ 00:13:20 ] When building an eCommerce store, the back-end platform does not matter as much as the content inside your website. Copywriting, user-generated content, and the actual content on your website are more vital than a particular add-on or app feature, but many entrepreneurs fail to invest in these because they are too focused on the technical details
  • [ 00:14:30 ] The number one mistake new eCommerce entrepreneurs make is spending so much money on ads before getting any beta testers for their product
  • [ 00:14:40 ] It’s more difficult to develop a massively successful brand these days than it used to be simply by throwing money at advertising. The market is very competitive, advertising prices continue to rise, and customer acquisition costs continue to increase
  • [ 00:14:50 ] Before you spend money on advertisements, invest in building relationships and partnerships that will move the needle, get feedback, and help you refine the product
  • [ 00:15:13 ] Those who can tailor their products to each customer will succeed most in the eCommerce space
  • [ 00:15:23 ] Having dozens or hundreds of people willing to test out your product, provide feedback, and share their experiences is essential for achieving product market fit
  • [ 00:15:34 ] There are no perfect products out there. Your product needs to be good enough so people would rebuy the product at a certain rate.
  • [ 00:16:11 ] Spend on marketing and expansion only if you have found a product-market fit and can get customers for the long term and not just a one-off transaction
  • [ 00:17:22 ] If you are on a budget, you’ll have to decide between spending your time or money. You can get free marketing by approaching influencers and people who have a following on social media
  • [ 00:25:03 ]  Automation in eCommerce is a tool that helps you be more efficient. Do not focus too much on building automation and ignoring content
  • [ 00:25:18 ] If you spend too much time figuring out fifty different segmentations in Klaviyo, you may miss the words that would connect with your audience. It’s for you to create a delicate balance of leveraging automation and understanding your content’s power

Tomer’s No.1 eCom Ops hack

“Create relationships and partnerships that would move the needle, create reviews, perfect the product, before you spend any money on ads.”


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