How QR Code Tech Can Streamline eCom Operations with Kait Margraf Stephens, CEO and Co-Founder of Brij

In this week’s episode of the eCom Ops Podcast, Norbert Strappler is joined by Kait Margraf Stephens, CEO and Co-Founder of Brij. They discuss Kait’s journey from finance to marketing, how QR Code technology helps eCommerce merchants, and how Brij helps eCommerce retailers to grow their business.

Key Facts

  • Kait’s LinkedIn
  • Brij’s website
  • Brij was founded in 2020
  • Brij gives your products superpowers by offering one-touch registration, re-order, warranty, brand storytelling, authentication,  discounts, product info and lost item recovery features 
  • Brij serves multiple local & International brands to create customers experiences
  • Brij raised $1.25 Million in Funding in June 2021
  • Kait holds a BS in Finance and Marketing from Georgetown University – The McDonough School of Business 
  • Kait holds a Masters in Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School
  • Kait is a Co-Founder of Hark Society (Hark Society helps after school kids with career advancement programs)
  • Kait is the Co-Founder and CEO of Found (Found provides innovative solutions to find your lost items fast using QR code technology  


Key Takeaways

  • During her bachelor’s degree program in Finance and Marketing from Georgetown University, Kait started her practice as a Financial and Investment Analyst and worked at Goldman Sachs, The Blackstone Group, iStar, and PIMCO
  • Kait service financial service industry for eight years, after which she decided to explore the Marketing industry and joined Airbnb as an MBA Intern, Product Management and Strategy 
  • After gaining thorough marketing knowledge and combining her analytical, technical and marketing skillset together, she Co-Founded Found and Brij
  • Through Brij, Kait  aims to ensure engagement of customers with the brands by using a QR Code technology
  • With Brij you can; 
    • Create QR codes to develop  interactive engagement with customers
    • Know what customers want with our high-tech tools
    • Offer signup, Re-order, Authentication, Discounts, Product info, Brand storytelling by employing a one-touch registration tool
  • Brij software offers Shopify integration and allows the new eCom merchants with tracking orders, email marketing, SMS marketing, etc to boost their saleability 
  • Brij helps the brands to build a QR code-based promotion coupon that is targeted to enhance customers’ engagement 
  • Kait believes that the COVID-19 pandemic has played a vital role in boosting up the eCommerce industry, as due to social distancing, lockdowns and isolation people are more driven towards online shopping. She adds that this upwards trajectory of eCommerce makes Brij (software) and QR Code technology more compelling for the customers as it helps directly in streamlining eCom operations and offers touchless transactions 
  • Kait shares that the inclusion of QR Code scanning features in Apple and Android have also provided a boost in Brij’s demand. By using these applications for scanning QR, you  can access websites, menus, orders, etc; with just one tap
  • Kait shares that Brij has been successful in winning customer’s trust who search for QR registrations and processing features
  • Kait ensures that QR Code technology is aligned with their SEO strategy so that the message can reach maximum customers. And eCommerce retailers can enjoy the amazing features Brij offers. 


No.1 operation’s hack

  • Ensure high customers engagement and stay in contact with them. This provides you with a competitive advantage and is a need to progress in the eCommerce industry 


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