Growing eCom Revenue through Subscription with Gabriella Yitzhaek, Founder and CEO of Smartrr

Gabriella Yitzhaek, Founder and CEO of Smartrr, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss the smarter way to grow eCom revenue, how to overcome the challenges to subscription revenue growth and how to make the buyer journey more engaging.

Key Facts

  • Gabriella’ LinkedIn
  • Smartrr’s website
  • Gabriella holds two bachelor degrees in Business Administration (International Business & Marketing) and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program from The George Washington University, and Tel Aviv University, respectively
  • Smartrr is partnered with more than 100 brands including Shopify, KALAVIYO, Alloy, Gorgias, Yotpo, and more
  • Smartrr is the number one B2B company in New York to manage small, medium, and large enterprises’ eCom subscriptions & memberships


Key Takeaways

  • Through Smartrr, Gabrielle aims to help eCom stores in growing memberships and subscriptions, managing real-time customer queries, and most of all automating customer experience and engagement 
  • Smartrr is a no-code, and easy to integrate tool that helps you;
    • Customise, Manage and grow subscriptions
    • Manage customers orders, and delivery dates 
    • Gather data on abandoned cart 
    • Create retargeting campaigns for existing and incomplete purchases
    • Check customised analytical reports for decision making
  • Gabriella believes that growing subscriptions ultimately result in profit maximisation of eCom stores 
  • Gabriella advises eCom stores to focus on retaining existing customers while hunting for the new ones 
  • At Smartrr, Gabriella ensures that she and her teams listen to client’s queries carefully and resolve them at the earliest 
  • Gabriella believes that customer engagement serves as fundamental in eCom growth and generating loyal customers. She does this by making the shopper journey and order cancellation process easy 


Gabriella’s biggest influences

Gabriella’s biggest influence is her clients irrespective of their size of businesses. She believes that the unique questions, suggestions and implications from clients always serves as a learning curve 


No.1 eCom hack

Gabriella’s operations hacks are;

  • Keep it simple for the customers. Therefore, Smartrr is a no-coding tool 🙂


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