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George Kapernaros, Founder and Head of Marketing at jumped onto the eCom Ops Podcast to share several puzzle pieces that complete the eCom operational cycle, how to attract a larger audience for your products and the biggest challenge for eCom owners. Check out all the other episodes here.

Key Facts

  • George’s Linkedin
  • Geoge Kapernaros’s website
  • helps web store owners to convert their visitors and increase traffic 
  • George was an ex-marketing director at Divbrands for three years

Key Takeaways

  • helps eCommerce businesses to increase their website visitors
  • George has a background in political science; according to him, it is also marketing on a microlevel. He started an eCommerce website by accident
  • eCommerce is a combination of solid business fundamentals, a product that can go huge, and a good communication strategy
  • Solid business fundamentals include a thorough plan for supply chain, profit margin, and customer service
  • The biggest focus for an eCommerce leader should be profit maximization while decreasing cost. 
  • Making a spider web of products is important which means if a person buys product A, then he/she should also buy product B
  • George suggested that if a product has been introduced at one location, so it should be introduced in another location to grab the attention of a larger audience
  • The biggest dangers for an eCommerce startup are not having a market for the product, not doing proper maths like calculating the profit margins and last but not least an unreliable supply chain
  • eCommerce operations should always conduct bottom-up analysis. This analysis should solely be based upon the company rather than focusing on the whole industry
  • A/B testing is important to determine which variant performs better for a conversion goal
  • The goal for A/B testing is to ignite research, develop a hypothesis, and then perform testing
  • Future, eCommerce will be further automated. Customer service will also become more automated. George mentioned that things would be easier to start but harder to compete

George’s biggest influences 

George named his two ex-bosses Jonathan Aeschlimann and Lorenco Maciel. He mentioned that both of them were a different king of geniuses, and he learned a lot from both of them.

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