eCommerce Analytics & Data-Driven Decision Making with Edward Upton, Founder and CEO of Littledata

Edward Upton, Founder and CEO at Littledata, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to share the importance of analytics in eCommerce growth, how to create an eCom store without coding or hiring professional consultants and how to ensure 100% order collection and fulfilment ratio for your eCom.

Key facts:

  • Edward’s LinkedIn
  • Littledata’s website
  • Edward is the Founder and CEO of Littledata
  • Littledata was founded in 2015
  • Littledata is an analytics toolbox for eCommerce sites 
  • Littledata provides you with a seamless connection between Shopify stores, marketing channels, and Google Analytics
  • With Littledata, you can connect apps and platforms like Segment, ReCharge, CartHook, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads
  • Littledata generates analytical reports for eCommerce 
  • Littledata helps eCom managers and owners to make data-driven and informed decision towards growth 
  • Littledata platform is one of its kind in the history of eCommerce 
  • Littledata is one of the most trusted and recommended eCom data tracking platforms

Key takeaways:

  • Edward and Ari Messer, Co-Founded Littledata in 2015 
  • Littledata is a SaaS-based platform that helps eCommerce stores with self-served eCommerce business analytics 
  • Littledata is an easy to install platform that integrates with eCommerce stores to provide data analysis
  • Littledata eliminates the need for heavy coding and hiring business consultants to accelerate data-driven growth 
  • Littledata offers a customised Shopify app that can be integrated into storefronts to generate tracking scripts
  • Littledata makes order forecasting and pipelines more reliable, this helps stores to ensure a 100% order collection and fulfilment ratio
  • Edward believes that analytics is the backbone of eCommerce success. He shares that, as well as Google Analytics, there are several other apps that can provide you with data analysis reports such as Tableau and Data Studio
  • Edward believes that planning strategic and data-driven campaigns can help eCommerce win, loyal customers
  • Through Littledata, Edward aims to educate eCommerce owners on report building and data analysis 
  • Littledata also offers a benchmarking tool that allows eCom owners to gauge the successful checkouts 
  • Edward believes that eCom UI (user interface) should be as simple as possible. “Easy customer journey helps increase sales productivity.” 
  • Edward’s team is divided into groups for different locations, such as America and Europe. Segregated teams help in handling customers’ queries more effectively 
  • Littledata also offers pre-defined guides and reports for beginners in eCommerce 
  • Edward plans to further Littledata’s integrations capacity to Magento And BigCommerce  

Edward’s Biggest Influence

  • Edward’s shares that he has learned the most about eCommerce from the project managers and analysts he has worked with in the past

No.1 Operations hack

  • Edward shares the significance of data-driven decisions and advises eCommerce managers and owners to develop strong data analytics mediums to help their eCommerce stores grow

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