Blended-eCommerce Approach to Optimise Shoppers’ lifetime Value with Valentin Radu, CEO & Founder at Omniconvert

Valentin Radu, CEO & Founder at Omniconvert, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss Valentin’s journey from sales to eCom Ops and support, the blended-eCommerce approach to increase customer’s lifetime value, and fundamentals to optimise shopper experience.

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Key Takeaways

  • [00:05-03:16] Valentine started his career in 1997 as a Radio-Show Producer from Delta RFI. In 2001, Valentine switched his career into sales and started working as a Key Account Manager at Sover Optica
  • His experience in sales helped him to work on key and versatile roles such as Key Accounts Manager, Sales Trainer, Business Development Manager, Marketing Manager and more
  • Valentine’s eCommerce journey started in 2007 when he Co-founded Pint (an online insurance website). In addition to being a Co-founder, Valentine diligently took up the roles of business development and marketing management for Pint. Consequently, within six years (until 2012) Pint acquired 2500+ customers with a massive continuous business inflow
  • With all the eCommerce functionalities, trends and dynamics, finally, in 2012, Valentine based the foundation of Omniconvert that is a growth enabler for mid-size DTC eCommerce & retail companies looking to increase customers lifetime value and decrease customer acquisition cost.
  • Valentine believes that the key to sustainable growth for any company is to not lose loyal customers, and always try to meet customers needs more than any of your competition.
  • Valentine  appreciates the eCom Ops and other Podcasts who are continuously adding value to eCommerce owners and operations.
  • [03:17-06:28] Valentine shares that in 2012 there was a lack of eCommerce tools in the market; and the ones that were available were way too expensive. He shares that back then, they were using “adobe testing”, which wasn’t very cost-effective. Therefore, his team of developers build most of their tools themselves including;
    • Testing Tool
    • Survey Tool
    • Website Personalisation Tool
    • Customers Segmentation Tool   
  • Valentine believes that a tool that helps eCommerce companies to convert the traffic and one-time customer into a long-term customer is the need of time.
  • He believes that customer’s retention and lifetime value is something that can empower companies with sustainable growth.
  • [06:29-13:22] Valentine believes in services and consultancy/training blended-approaches. Therefore, he established Omniconvert CVO Academy, which focuses on facilitating Omniconvert’s eCommerce customers to adapt to modern technology and eCom operations for their business.
  • [13:23-17:16] Through Omniconvert CVO Academy, Valentine aims to help eCommerce owners in customer acquisition, conversion rate optimization, and customer attention.
  • The idea behind CVO is to have a methodology to understand the value exchange between the shoppers and an eCommerce store. It helps eCom players to understand the value they can acquire from the customers in exchange of the value they offer through their products, offering and services.
  • [17:17-30:57] Valentine shares, to effectively track and improve customer experience and lifetime value you must pay attention to each element in the funnel diligently; including marketing, products’ quality, and most importantly after sales customer support. 
  • The combination of the complete funnel “all three elements” together creates and enhances the customer experience, therefore, each element should be planned effectively.


No.1 Operation’s Hack

Offer consultancy along with the products to your shoppers. For traditional eCommerce stores the consultancy can be in the form of content (descriptions and product details on the e-store), video trials, product guides, and most of all after sale customer support. 

“Modern eCommerce is not about just shipping products, but it’s the customer support that makes customers happy” 




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