Achieving Operational Excellence with Mathijs Eefting of Moteefe

Mathijs Eefting, Co-founder and CEO at Moteefe, jumped onto the eCom Ops Podcast to share the innovations and excitement Moteefe is bringing to the eCom industry and its benefit eCom store owners, and how can eCom stores achieve operational excellence. Check out all the other episodes of the eCom Ops Podcasthere.

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Key Takeaways:

Mathijs’s journey into eCom:

Mathijs is from the Netherlands. He worked for companies like Philips back in 2014 when he noticed the exciting stir in the eCom environment. According to Mathijs, a person needs to spend a good amount of time on optimizing your store. He thought that eCom is an amazing platform to work on and decided to play with his creative side in business.

About Moteefeand what it can offer to the eCom store owners?

Moteefe is a five-year-old company with a much higher growth rate. They have 100 employees who are operating outside of the UK as well. This is why Moteefe was awarded as the fastest growing eCom in London last year. 

Moteefe provides solutions for eCom entrepreneurs to design and sell their products in real-time. Mathijs further says that there are no issues for refunds when eCom businesses connect with Moteefe. Moteefe opens up 65 different approaches for the customer to design products. Not only has this but also gives them the ability to customize the products. Mathijs mentions the store kits, which come with marketing features and help the customers increase their sales. In short, Mathijs explains that a person can set up through Moteefe and start selling their products from a remote area. Each time there is a sale made, Moteefe ships it and also handles the customer care. This is how eCom has made selling products all over the world so easy. 

Can someone use Moteefe while being a customer?

Mathijs claims that customers can also use Moteefe as they have thousands of entrepreneurs working with them who can contribute to customers queries, vision and success. He mentions that some eCom business owners focus on niche and geography, which increases their interest in testing the products before selling them in a new location. This is how they can be sure of the success of their sales before actually starting it. 

What sets one apart from the others when working in the eCom business?

Mathijs puts a lot of stress on scaling the products that are doing well. Talking about sales volume, Mathijs shares a piece of advice that if one of your products is doing well in America, then scaling it in Europe will make a huge difference.

Operationally, what should be the focus for eCom business?

An important thing to remind yourself is that you can not do all of it alone. Focus on what you love and can do the best. Mathijs says that this is why they have 100 employees that also includes a marketing team who love to do their job. Again, scaling will create a big difference in your eCom business.

How to be eco-friendly at Moteefe

Mathijs talks about how economically the eCom business owners are doing better now. The geographies are open, and some big retailers are using Moteefe as their platform. The environmental benefits are huge, as there is no waste produced. The reason behind this is that Moteefe produces locally, so if they sell in Brazil, the production also happens in Brazil. 

Moteefe’s support for healthy living and sports

Moteefe works with some football clubs in the Champions League. Mathijs talks very excitedly about their new venture, which required a mind shift. He talks about changing the dynamics and being instantaneous. Mathijs tells us that with Moteefe, the customer can do product personalization, which is a big deal for football clubs when it comes to their merchandise. The applications truly are endless. 

Role of ultimatum in eCom:

In the eCom businesses, there is always a solution for ultimatums if you look closely. The solutions are not perfect; rather, they are immature. However, the sale truly depends on the type of product and the region where you are selling. This means that if you want to globalize your brand, you need to optimize your store. The system does it for you; therefore, the customer end needs to be smart enough about these things.

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