SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion

New improvements

There were several bug fixes and improvements related to the current SyncSpider integration.
Some core system changes were also made to improve the overall performance of task executions.
Notable changes:
New automated CSV and Schema fields storage method:
  • We have changed how CSV fields and schema are stored internally. Now we have an automatic update process that updated all tasks.
    This should not affect any task definition, mapping or execution.

New execution log storing

  • Storing the execution log for each task execution is no changed and improved. This fixes the previous issue of slow task execution log and reading task progress.
    This change affects all new executions, but not the old tasks. If you go to task execution history and open some old log, you might still experience slow performance.

    All execution logs made before 15.07.2018. are deleted.

Improved logging mechanism for Magento integrations

  • For Magento integrations, new logging mechanism connecting to Mangeto API can now detect errors on Magento side and inform SyncSpider users about them.
    This should give even better information to the user in an unlikely case of any problems with Magento connection.