Connect MS SQL to a growing catalog of online apps

Sync data from a local server to your online apps. Integrate legacy systems to the cloud, without plugins or API maintenance.

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Supported databases

Active Directory


Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Access
(’03-’07 mdb, ab 2010 accdb)



Here’s what you can do with Local Database Sync

Connect local POS & ERP systems to cloud apps

Sync legacy systems to your online store or CRM

Match brick and mortar store sales to your online stock

Collect data from online sources and store it locally

Create scheduled or event-based triggers to keep your data in sync

Connect your local data to the most popular eCommerce tools - WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Stripe etc.

Unleash your data

Break free from local servers to infinite online opportunities

Connect new and legacy POS/ERP systems to the cloud

Connect the data your POS/ERP saves to your local server* with any app in our catalog, in near real-time. Create new workflows you never thought possible because your data was inaccessible.

Upgrade your legacy systems, without migrating

Moving years of data from legacy systems costs money and time. SyncSpider allows you to leverage the data that lives in your servers, without replacing current tools and processes.

Save on plugin and API maintenance fees

Before SyncSpider, the only way to connect a local server to the cloud was through custom plugins and API connections. These solutions cost a lot of money to develop and maintain, as APIs update and plugins break apart.

Avoid overloading your servers

SyncSpider creates a single point of connection between multiple apps and your server, instead of having countless plugins generating data requests.

Control exactly how data moves between platforms

Define the entities, attributes and value types that you want to map from and to your server. Import or create new entities, handpick migration fields, and sync data based on schedules or triggers.

* Supported databases: Active Directory, Firebird, Microsoft Access 2003-2007 (mdb), Microsoft Access ab 2010 (accdb), Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL 3.51, MySQL 5.2, MySQL 8.0, and Oracle.

Trusted by retailers and agencies

Instead of adding product by product to WooCommerce, we used SyncSpider’s powerful tools. The project was ready before the deadline.

Patrizia Faschang, Founder


We use SyncSpider to export invoices from our webshop to have all the data we need in our accounting software. This saves us a lot of time — daily.

Daniel Winklmayr, Head of Product


We can easily sync our products, prices and stocks from our local ERP software to our webshop. Goods and attributes are frequently changing, so a flexible solution was an obligation. SyncSpider gives us exactly that flexibility.

Kurt Hörtenhuber, Author and Publisher


Although there are different scopes of integrations with individual requirements the implementation-time is shorter and works great.

Franz Einfinger, Head of Sales

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Local Database Sync features

Connect multiple databases on a single account
Serve individual clients by creating sub-accounts for each integration
Choose which attributes to sync between apps
Rename database attributes for better usability
Define sync times to match your workflows and save resources
Set intervals to define the frequency of your data syncs
Add timestamps to your syncs to keep track of every detail
Export feeds to XLSX, CSV, XML, JSON and TXT files

Popular eCommerce shops integrations

Connect MS SQL with Shopify

Connect MS SQL with Woocommerce

Connect MS SQL with Magento

Connect MS SQL with BigCommerce

Connect MS SQL with Stripe

Connect MS SQL with Hubspot

We are GDPR compliant

We take data privacy seriously. As a european-based company, SyncSpider complies with EU
and GDPR regulations. You can integrate with us and still remain compliant.

We don’t store your data in our servers for more than 30 days. All data is encrypted — the
SyncSpider team can’t access, view or modify it.

Read more about our privacy policy here.

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