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How to Get More Sales With Instagram for Your eCommerce Store

Instagram is one of the best and most widely-used social media platforms. When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram is up there with Facebook as the best platforms to build engagement. However, when it comes to ecommerce, Instagram holds the advantage as a better platform for ecommerce.

In this article, we share how, as an ecommerce business, you can use Instagram to boost traffic to your ecommerce store and increase sales.


Step 1. Make buying easier for your followers.

As a visual platform, it should be a given that you only post high-quality, visually-stunning images. But if you want to boost sales on Instagram, you have to take that a step further by making your profile a place where buying is made easier. Aside from being able to post pictures of your products, there are many ways in which you can make buying easier.

Add a link in your bio.

Driving traffic through a link in your bio is one of the most effective ways you can sell on Instagram. It’s one of the first things people see when they visit your profile, which makes it incredibly easy to find.

In some cases, some followers might miss it, especially when they dive right in your feed. So what do you do then?

Simple – you remind them about it. For every caption of every post, don’t forget to remind them about it. A simple “link in bio” that leads them directly to a landing page or your store can do wonders for your business. But make sure your website is optimized for mobile traffic since most of your followers are coming from the Instagram mobile app.

Make your posts shoppable.

With the introduction of shoppable posts in 2018, Instagram has made it possible to tag individual products in your feed posts as well as your Instagram stories.

As an ecommerce store, you can link your entire inventory to your Instagram so you can begin tagging each product with specific items. Clicking on the item redirects the buyer to a separate page containing various information about the product such as the price and sizing, as well as a link to buy the product.

Add stickers to Instagram stories.

Aside from being able to add links and tag items on Instagram stories, you can now add stickers to them, as well.

Approved businesses can now add a clickable product sticker to their story. The function of the sticker is similar to product tags on shoppable posts, which takes you to a separate page containing details on the product. Additionally, you’d be able to see additional information as well as other images, similar items, and a link to the business’s site to complete purchases.

Swipe up on Instagram stories.

Users have always been open to the idea of shopping for their favorite items through Instagram stories, even before the introduction of shoppable posts and stickers. You can add links to your IG story if you have a business account and over 10,000 followers, making it easier for your followers to simply swipe up when they see something they like.


Step 2. Create engagement by involving your audience.

As an ecommerce business, your ultimate goal is to generate as many sales as possible from your platforms. However, most users do not like it when brands get overly sales-y. In fact, they stay away from brands that oversell and are too pushy. Today, audiences like to feel special and engaged. Now that you’ve made it easier for them to buy things, it’s time to hold back a little and instead focus on creating an engaged community of followers. An engaged community of followers will always be willing to buy from their favorite brand.

Add behind the scenes photos.

Plenty of things happen in the background before a product is made available to the public, or a photo is posted for everyone to see. But most of the time, we only get to see the finished product – not what’s happening behind the scenes, which makes it even more enticing.

By sharing behind the scenes photos of what’s happening in your business, you’re essentially sharing an intimate part of your life with your followers. Your followers will feel emotionally connected, which makes them feel close to your brand.

Use user-generated content.

One of the best ways to get user engagement is to post content generated by the followers themselves. When you post content created by your followers, you are cultivating a more approachable, down-to-earth image.

Post images of your followers using your products or share stories shared by them. Not only will your followers be more excited to check out your profile, but it can also lead to the positive sentiment with your brand, as well.

Offer discounts or giveaways.

Perks and giveaways are perfect motivators for followers to stay engaged. After all, everyone loves discounts and free stuff – and Instagram is a perfect avenue for that.

Announce any discount, contest, or giveaway through visually-appealing graphics and clear text overlays. This is a sure-fire way to attract user attention and gain user engagement on Instagram. Holding regular contests and giveaways also ensures your followers will check back periodically for updates.

Interact with your audience.

There is no better way to engage your audience than actually engaging your audience. The best way to do this is by going on Instagram Live and actually talking with your followers. You can answer their questions, give them access to your operations or daily life, or even ask questions of your own. No matter what the activity, all that matters is that you get to interact with your followers and show them a great time.

Step 3. Get influencers on your side.

Instagram is a perfect avenue for putting influencers to work. With over 800 million monthly active users on the visual platform, it is nowhere near the numbers that Facebook get. However, it is more engaged, making it the perfect platform for brands to boost engagement and increase sales.

If you didn’t already know, influencers are personalities on Instagram that have large followings on the platform. They are quite influential, thus the name, and can be quite persuasive. Within Instagram, they have established large audiences that look to them for purchase recommendations and advice. Unsurprisingly, brands have been using influencers increasingly as ambassadors for the promotion of their products – and you can too.


Have a working relationship with influencers, but be subtle about it.

Making influencers work with you isn’t like getting celebrity endorsements. Instead, they create their own content based on your product and more. They have a specialty: they are walking social proof.

But make sure the content they create doesn’t overdo it. Remember that consumers do not like it when they’re being smothered with sales. The content shared by the influencer shouldn’t focus too much on your product and brand as it could seem overly promotional and risk sounding insincere.

To leverage your influencer’s large audience for your business, provide influencers with a unique discount or promo code. Having a unique code assigned to each influencer allows you to track their conversions and see which influencer’s strategy works best for you.

Ask for honest reviews

Another way to leverage an influencer’s influence is to ask them for honest reviews about your product, even if they find something negative. This allows them to remain candid in their feedback. Meanwhile, the negative feedback they provide will only magnify their positive reviews. Hence, you should invite your influencer to post reviews – negatives and all – to help you gain the trust of your audience.

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