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Release notes, Week 21

Release notes, May 29th, 2020


Hello everyone, we got some more great improvements to share with you today!

We have done some improvements to the Google Drive, ITscope and Shopify integrations and quite a number of updates and new features for our eBay integration. We also focused on updating ShareFile, Freshdesk and Shopware.

We are also in final stages of our Ecwid module testing and should be bringing that integration to you shortly.

Have a great week guys 🙂 ,
SyncSpider team


New Feature – Added



  • Downloading a physical file for ShareFile is now possible



  • Now has validation on SKU variations
  • Enabled cloning and casting order number to the number type
  • Now also has incremental order import option



Module has been significantly changed with updates and new features and now also has:

  • option to Relist Item Request Type
  • option to Relist Regular Items
  • a check option for shipping services


Improvement – Changed – Updated



  • update product update to support the unique identifier(uid)
  • add order for export option is updated
  • updated product entity



  • Import folders along with the files;


Google Drive

  • Export folders along with the files



  • Updated Contact schema



  • Filters and schema got updated



  • Now has a pre-map step validation of required fields
  • Updated the Product Execution Log
  • Updated product schema
  • Updated Export Service
  • Update price casting in the Schema Transformer
  • Updated categories command and added it in an additional task step


Hotfix – Fixed



  • Fixed date format 



  • Fixed validation for Handling Time



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