SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion

Release notes, Week 6

This week’s release will not be as extensive as usual. You might wonder why is that? Did we spent the last week chilling under a palm tree in Austria. 

No, there are no palm trees in Austria, and Yes we did some chilling, but our teem also did a great job last week! 

Last week we relapsed 7 new integrations, did a bunch of UI/UX changes. Hence, you won’t see as many commits for the last week. 

But, you’ll notice some important, big changes! Workflows are live + 1 new expedited integrations BMEcat! Tasks and their flow has been upgraded as well!

Check what else has been done below: 

New Features

Work Flows

Task execution can now trigger a new task, or better put: Now you can create full Work flows with SycnSpider now.

This option is available to be set at the last step of the task (Task settings). There, you can select which task should be triggered after the completion of the task you are creating. 

We will continue to work to find even better, more easier to use solution for Work flows, any ideas you might have – are welcomed! 

New Integration module


The BMEcat standard ensures loss-free transmission of product information. This integration was expedited and quickly and developed by special order from one of our Clinets

It is based on export/import of XML data


SyncSpdier core – Configure task integration

Added a new button,which allows you to edit task integrations’ configuration.

SyncSpdier core – Task last step (task settings) redesigned

We have redesigned the task settings page, so that it matches the rest of the app.

Hot Fix


Fixed Facebook leads integration issue with Google Sheets


Proper path for product feed archive has been set