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If you only need to sync this one entity, the perfect plan for you is If you need to since more than this 1 entity, just repeat this calculator for every entity you might have, and sum up the number of Operations and Task Runs.

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Connecting our own ERP software using SyncSpider’s universal API was easy to complete in a short time. The support is always there if we need them and now we can connect any channel we might need. Great tool!

Georg Horninger, Head of IT


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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a free trial?

Yes! SyncSpider comes with a full-featured Free trial plan, where you can explore all pro and advanced features during the 14-day trial period.

After the free trial expires, your account will be automatically converted to the Free forever plan, which you can use for free forever

If your business needs more advanced features, you can always upgrade to some of our full-featured plans (Pro, Agency, or Agency+).

What is the difference between Free forever and a Free trial?

During the Free Trial period, you will get to use All advanced, and pro features SyncSpider offers for 14 days. In comparison, the Free Forever plan is yours to use indefinitely. But it has basic features; it lacks pro and advanced features.

Why do plans have different pricing tiers?

While each Plan has a different set of features, each tier within one plan has a different number of operations and Task runs. It allows you to choose the optimum number of tasks runs and bulk operations for your business.

The starter plan has three tiers
– Free Forever with 100 task runs and 1.000 bulk operations
– $9 Starter plan with 500 task runs and 10.000 bulk operations and
– $29 Starter plan with 1.000 task runs and 50.000 bulk operations.
The Pro plan also has three tiers
– $59 with 5.000 task runs and 100.000 bulk operations
– $99 with 10.000 task runs and 500.000 bulk operations
– $159 with 15.000 task runs and 1.000.000 bulk operations
The Agency plan has two tiers:
– $249 with 20.000 task runs and 5.000.000 bulk operations
– $349 with 30.000 task runs and 10.000.000 bulk operations
And the Agency+ plan has two tiers:
– $579 with 45.000 task runs and 25.000.000 bulk operations
– $750 with 60.000 task runs and 50.000.000 bulk operations

What are the Task runs?

Task runs are triggered tasks that you have scheduled, triggered by an event, or started manually.

It could be anything from shifting data from one place to another, from the source to destination, changing prices, etc.

Find out more about Task runs in our Help articles.

What are Bulk operations?

Bulk operations represent actions performed on a larger scale. It could be importing and exporting items, changing prices on a larger scale, and assigning products to a warehouse.

Find out more about Bulk operations in our Help articles.