SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion

New feature: CSV module now supports .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .csv and .txt formats.

CSV module is enhanced with a support for Excel files when used as a source in a task.
This means that when CSV module is a source, SyncSpider can now read .xls, .xlsx., xlsm, .csv and .txt formats.
This support is added for any type of source CSV integration (local, FTP, SFTP or SyncSpider SFTP).
Additional to reading these formats, our library now detects column types and automatically set’s that column’s configuration.
Please note that reading Excel files takes much more time than reading plain CSV.  We estimate that data will be read almost instantly when using small files Exel files as a source integration (with header and less than 50 rows). For a file for that has thousands of rows, it may take even a couple of minutes to read all the data.
This limitation is due to the limitations of used third party library (we used the best one on the market for this).