SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion

55 days since we launched SyncSpider on Pitchground

Only 55 days have passed since SyncSpider was launched on PithcGround on October 14th. And first of all, we would like to thank you all for being here with us.

Before we go further in this adventure, we will just mention that during this time our developers have invested over 2.200 hours in new developments.

Wow, right?

It has resulted in exactly 287 different commits, 49 different improvements, 37 different hotfixes, different patches, and other commits you probably haven’t noticed. And we are not even close to our goal.

On a literally daily base, we are adding new attributes for sources and destinations, improving UI, and increasing the number of possibilities for different integrations and various combinations of demands. And that is actually the core of SyncSpider improvement.

Here are 9 new integrations that have been released so far!


    HTML forms

      Google sheets








Just to be clear, getting all this new traffic and a huge number of users didn’t just give us smiles, it comes at a cost as well:)

We have been upgrading our Servers, hired a new senior developer and we started onboarding 2 lovely humans to join our support. We are happy!

Personally, I’m very excited and ambitious… and aware that we are still NOT THERE.

We have gathered so much useful information from you guys.

Thanks to YOU we know what we have accomplished and what we haven’t yet. You, SyncSpider users, are actually the most important member of our team. As a result of your comments, suggestions, and occasional problems, we get extremely valuable feedback. It means us so much!

And what have we learned?

We are strong in development, that stands.  We have a great team that is going to continue developing additional integrations.

I’m aware that we have a little bit failed on communication, support, and tutorials. There is really a lot of work to be done.

Maybe,  I’m the person to be blamed. But with all these technical details, and our wish to have a perfect product, some things have just slipped away.

Sorry about that! But I’m assuring you that we are working on that at this very moment.

Meet you soon with good news and all the necessary support!

Change Log

December 5th

  • Improvements

    1. UI/UX
      • Agency account improvements
    2. Integrations
      • Integrations are now filtered on a sub-company (sub-account) level.
        This means that each sub-company now has its own configured integrations and these integrations are not shared among the companies of the agency account
    3. Tasks
      • Tasks created for one company can only use configured integrations from that company(sub-account). The previous behavior was mixing all integrations from all companies a user could access, which produced confusion and in rare cases misconfiguration.
    4. Note:
      • The total number of integrations still sums up for all sub-companies for an agency account.
    5. Odoo
      • Added Payment Term and Payment Mode for partner entity
  • Hotfix

    1. Salesflare
      • Set proper offset

December 2nd

  • Patch

    1. Odoo
      • Upgrade to current patch version

November 28th

  • Improvements

    1. ActiveCampaign
      • Filters and mapping improvement. Adding lists, segments, and tags. Allowed choosing lists, segments, and tags to send and get.

November 27th

  • Improvements

    1. WooCommerce
      • Added tax call to the shipping line schema
    2. UI/UX
      • Remove unnecessary padding on IE and Edge
      • Update CSS and HTML of all pages to open properly in each browser. Remove duplicated and overridden styles. Consolidate HTML.
      • Update CSS and HTML of forms to open properly in each browser.
  • Hotfix

    1. Thrivechart
      • Fixed mapping screen –  missing attribute-names corrected.

November 26th

  • Hotfix

    1. Shopware
      • fix schema both fields destination and source
  • Improvements

    1. FreshSales
      • Added additional attribute, like source and destination: update Requester by UID
    2. FreshDesk
      • Added additional attribute, like source and destination: update Contact by UID
    3. FreshService
      • Added additional attribute, like source and destination: update Contact by UID

November 25th

  • Improvements

    1. WordPress
      • Added attributes, choose a custom field as UID for user entity and all post types

November 21st

  • Hotfix

    1. Amazon
      • Configuration forms have been fixed and improved
    2. Moosend
      • format error message
      • ‘name’ fix for an empty value in subscriber attribute.

November 20th

  • Improvements

    1. Google Sheets
      • Improved usability: Now, SyncSpider is preserves formatting when appending data to the spreadsheet
    2. HTML forms
      • Update event on forms on Submint
  • Hotfix

    1. HTML forms
      • Redirect fix

November 19th

  • Hotfix

      1. WooCommerce
        • AX class was missing in the shipping line schema. Addin it to the schema directly on the server resolved the issue.
      2. MailChimp & HTML forms
        • Update Mailchimp translations and HTML Forms fix text area
    1. HTML Forms
      • Update script generation path
      • Update forms Smart script

November 18th

  • Improvements

    1. HTML Forms
      • Update parser
      • Update form URL and script generation

November 15th

  • New Integration

    1. HTML Forms Released!
  • Improvements

    1. PrestaShop
      • Now supporting Presta shops up to 1.7 v

November 14th

  • Hotfix

    1. Odoo
      • Product importer fix, public categories.
    2. MooSend
      • Fix Source Shema, subscribers importer.

November 13th

  • Hotfix

    1. Custom API
      • Fix handling task finished event for Custom API
    2. Shopware
      • Source fix, if the product has no SKU value

November 9th

  • Hotfix

    1. Google Sheets
      • Fix google sheets pick up control
      • Add filename if the file is picked for GSheets

November 8th

November 4th

  • Improvement

    1. Shopware
      • Updated attributes for a source schema.

November 1st

  • New integrations release

    1. ThriveCart integration released!
    2. Native Google sheets integration release!
    3. Salesflare integration released!
  • Improvement

    • Google Drive
      • Added an option to append a file to Google drive
    • UI/UX & Ap
      • Extend picker to allow both file and folder selection
      • Apply new app designs for T/M/S

October 31st

  • New integrations release

    1. Shopware integration released!
  • Hotfix

    1. UI/UX
      • Login and register page UI fix
      • Task header UI fix
    2. WordPress
      • Add quick fix for WordPress meta-fields (empty spaces)
  • Improvement

    1. Custom CSV
      • Add filters to GoogleSheet module
      • Add GoogleSheets source and destination configuration screens
      • Add GoogleSheets module and integration configuration

October 29th

  • Improvement

    1. Odoo
      • Added attribute Payment terms as destination/target

October 26th

  • Improvement

    1. WooCommerce
      • Add raw price to WooCommerce line items

October 25th

October 24th

  • Hotfix

    1. UI/UX
      • Registration notification added
      • Registration and login 
  • Improvement

    1. Odoo
      • Add support for public, multiple value Oddo categories

October 23rd

  • Improvement

    1. Odoo
      • Added attribute, public categories
    2. APP
      • Display warning when email can not be sent
      • Timezone added
    3. UI
      • Design improvements
      • Added nestle tags

October 22nd

  • Improvement

    1. UI/UX
      • Multiple destination activations on dashboard
    2. WordPress
      • Add User roles

October 21st

  • Improvement

    1. UI/UX
      • UI redesign commit 
      • Responsivity

October 18th

  • Improvement

    1. UI/UX & App
      • Project menu – close on scrolling finished
      • Do not create newly scheduled execution if the previous is no complete
      • Team menu item removed from the sidebar
  • Hotfix

    1. UI & App
      • Fix loading bar
      • Spark app loading fix
    2. Active Campaign
      • Fix validation

October 17th

  • New Integration released

    1. MailerLite
  • Hotfix

    1. UI/UX & App
      • Adjust action buttons in spark
      • Fix company name
      • Fix tables style
      • Add project menu to the sidebar – scrolling bug fix 
      • Custom API template table columns spacing fix
      • Body height fixed for edge browser, register page scroll added
      • Login page scroll
    2. Shopify
      • Shopify authentication error handling

October 16th

October 15th

  • Hotfix & Improvements

    • UI/UX & App
      1. Spark help center dropdown menu
      2. Fix the expanded company menu