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Avoid starting an eCommerce store on the wrong foot. Choose the right platform

Starting an eCommerce – Mistakes to Avoid

Opening your own eCommerce store has never been easier with the emergence of numerous platforms such as Shopify offering ease of service.

In fact, you can literally set up your own shop in under 15 minutes.

Here, we share with you nine crucial mistakes that are common among newbies in eCommerce and you can avoid them.

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20 Successful eCommerce Stores

When it comes to eCommerce, many have ventured and succeeded. Yet, it continues to seem like a daunting task.

Are you looking to start an eCommerce business but having second thoughts? We’ve come up with a list of top eCommerce businesses that you can use as inspiration so you, too, can enjoy the same success.

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New improvements

There were several bug fixes and improvements related to the current SyncSpider integration.

Some core system changes were also made to improve the overall performance of task executions.

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New Magneto features and improvements

Read this blog post to new magneto features and improvements.

Some Magento 1 installations can have a configuration to inject store view code to the URL.

To overcome this, we have added a new option in Magento 1 integration setup dialogue.

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New feature: Task cloning

In order to speed up your work, we have created task cloning.

Every task in SyncSpider is now clonable, regardless of the data source or destinations.

Use case: You can now create a template task for your sync configuration and clone it and customize it.

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