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30 April 2019

20 Successful eCommerce Stores to Get You Inspired

When it comes to eCommerce, many have ventured and succeeded. Yet, it continues to seem like a daunting task. Are you looking to start an eCommerce... Read more   →
21 February 2019

Connecting your online shop with an ERP and CRM into one system

To run a successful e-commerce business takes more than just building an online shop, and listing your products. Tools like CRM and ERP will help you out,... Read more   →
28 September 2018

New improvements

There were several bug fixes and improvements related to the current SyncSpider integration. Some core system changes were also made to improve the overall... Read more   →
26 September 2018

New Magneto features and improvements

Read this blog post to new magneto features and improvements. Some Magento 1 installations can have a configuration to inject store view code to the URL. ... Read more   →
24 September 2018

New feature: Task cloning

In order to speed up your work, we have created task cloning. Every task in SyncSpider is now clonable, regardless of the data source or destinations. ... Read more   →
21 September 2018

New integration : XML exchange – Rita Bosse ERP

Integration with Rita Bosse ERP is now implemented. The exchange of data is done through XML file. Users can now automatically sync products and orders... Read more   →
01 July 2018

Improvement’s and bug fixes

Read this blog post to know the latest improvement in email notifications, bug fixes. Read more   →
15 June 2018

New features and improvemants

Introducing new features and improvements. Features: Sending orders to Magento 1 and 2. Improvements: Improved sorting and navigation in task execution... Read more   →
22 May 2018

New feature: CSV module now supports .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .csv and .txt formats.

CSV module is enhanced with support for Excel files when used as a source in a task. This means that when CSV module is a source, SyncSpider can now read... Read more   →
17 May 2018

New feature: Stopping/aborting executions

The user can now stop task execution by clicking on a red stop button displayed next to the progress percentage on the task execution page. This stop is... Read more   →
15 May 2018

New feature: Sending orders to Magento 1 and 2

Magento 1 and Magento 2 modules are now improved and they support sending orders to Magento. For this feature to work, you have to use the latest version... Read more   →
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