Connecting your online shop with an ERP and CRM into one system

To run a successful e-commerce business takes more than just building an online shop, and listing your products. Every successful e-commerce owner knows that to grow your business, you need to do much more. Tools like CRM and ERP will help you out, but connecting all your tools into one system is that one thing that will help you grow.

SyncSpider is a tool that is made with that purpose solely. It is an e-commerce middleware that will connect all your tools and systems into one 24/7 operating super system.

connect erp crm online shop

But, connecting your ERP or CRM with your online shop is just one of the things SyncSpider will do for you… You’ll be listing your product on various marketplaces, promoting your products on different sale channels, sending newsletters. On the other hand, you need to maintain your stock, manage orders. and your shipping has to be done in near real time, or your customers won’t be happy. Our powerful tool will help you streamline these processes and connect them seamlessly.

SyncSpider: Major improvements and new Integrations

New ERP integration: Odoo ERP

SyncSpider is proudly adding Odoo ERP to its integration list!

Integrate and connect your Odoo ERP with your other E-commerce systems to automate your workflow.

This integration number of features is staggering! Odoo ERP users will now be able to send products, partners, POS orders, procurement orders, and sale orders details (in various from formats) automatically. All noted data is retrieved by using this integration as a source connection in a task.

Furthermore, products, partners and sale orders can be sent to Odoo from SyncSpider if a user uses Odoo as a destination connection in a task.

New integration: ITscope

Extending ITscope connections to increase its features and functionalities.

ITscope can send products and exports to SyncSpider. SyncSpider supports push requests from ITscope using a custom link and pulling exports from ITscope. A user only needs an Export ID that can be found in the export settings. In both cases, a user can use ITscope integration as a source in any task.

Extended settings for SFTP based source integrations

A new feature has been added for all integrations using SFTP source. This new feature will give you the power to tell SyncSpider what should be done with the source file after successful import.

SFTP source integrations data export import

The user can choose some of the following options

  • Do nothing. A source file will not be altered.
  • Delete source file. After the import, the source file will be deleted.
  • Rename file. After the import, the source file will be renamed. A user has an option to set the new name and/or to choose to automatically append the timestamp to a file name.
    • Convenient preview of the resulting filename is displayed below the options. If “delete if exists” option is selected, the system will check if the destination file already exists. If it exist, the system will first delete it and then do a rename operation. If this last option is not selected and destination file exists, rename will not be performed. This prevents unintended overwrites of existing files.
  • Move file. After the import, the source file will be moved to a new location picked by a user. The same “Delete if exists” option is applied here.
  • Rename and move file. This combines the above two options.

Complete information regarding performed operations is saved to the task execution log.

Other notable improvements

  • Rita Bosse integration has been updated to the latest product schema.
  • Core mapper performance has been increased. Task execution time is significantly lovered, even for a large number of items (10k+).
  • Handling of some remote systems’ edge exceptions has been fixed and the execution log is updated. In such detected cases, SyncSpider graciously handles errors produced in the remote system and tries to properly log the exception message so a user can review it and correct error in the mapping and/or remote system.
  • Triggering inactive tasks from external systems now do not produce errors and notifications are not sent to users. This means that the system will not enqueue tasks on the external trigger if they are inactivated by a user.

SyncSpider is the app-2-app integration tool built for eCommerce.

Grow your sales by instantly becoming a multichannel retailer, update your inventory between multiple web stores with a single click and connect your favorite eCommerce tools to work flawlessly in sync.

Start your free trial now to spend less time doing busy/tedious work and more time growing your web store.